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1937 SS100

1937 SS100

This 1937 SS100 is a replica with a hand built body and powered by the Jaguar XJ6 engine, drive train and suspension.  Great performance, detail and finish and a true sports car most people would be proud to own.

The name SS  stands for Swallow Sidecar, a company that was founded by Bill Lyons and his business partner at that time, in 1922 and made sidecars for motorcycles, a popular form of transport particularly in the UK and Europe for several decades.
During 1927 the company was renamed Swallow Coachbuilding Co having moved onto building car bodies using chassis and drive trains sourced from the Standard Motor Co.
The SS100, first manufactured in 1935 when it was named the SS90 and powered by a 2.5L Standard engine converted from a side valve to OHV producing 100hp.
This engine was increased to 3.5L for the SS100 giving 125hp and a top speed tested at 101 mph.  This fitted with the Jaguar sports car naming, the 3 digits ion each model represented its top speed [ie the XK120 top speed was 120mph].  This model ID disappeared when the E-Type was released.
The SS100 continued in production till 1940 when the name SS was dropped permanently for obvious reasons at that time, so the name Jaguar now became the permanent car name on both saloon and sports car models.

The name Jaguar was used on all saloon cars built from 1936, and the company was renamed Jaguar in 1945.  With the post war development of Jaguar’s famous Twin Overhead Cam 3.4L engine fitted first to the XK120 sports car and then the Mark VII saloon Bill Lyons and his team quickly moved the name Jaguar up the charts  not only in racing but also as an inexpensive fast luxury car.

SS100 fibreglass replica bodies are readily available, if you are in the market  do your homework and get a quality one. You wont regret it.

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